It’s the Theater District, so we put on a show and raised the curtain on a performance that grabs guests from Act I.

Night Times Square begins, like the best New York City tales do, with a big opening number. The lobby’s epic tropical fish tank, octopi-inspired chandeliers and pops of blue, pink and orange light playing over funky works of art are an immediate delight, even to travelers who think they’ve seen it all. 

Our location leaves plenty of room for character growth and development: At the edge of Times Square, steps from the uber pedestrian-friendly stretch of Broadway between 42nd and 47th, the less touristy, authentic, not-yet-Yelped-to-death restaurants of Hell’s Kitchen and just about every major subway line in the city.

But underneath all these special effects is a warm story with heart: Yours. We dress the stage for an “anything is possible” NYC experience at the hotel and beyond. What happens next is entirely up to you (with our Concierge playing a supporting role, of course).

Just remember: the most compelling stories happen at Night. 

Sitting Area in Night Hotels Times Square
Times Square

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