It began with one question: Who are we? So we stripped out the fluff for a good hard look.

Starting from square one, we saw what had always been done and what had never been done. We compared value to style, form to function. We let you get inside our heads and make a few decisions here and there. And we wrapped up this whole process by hiring staff that echo our values of transparency and trust. The result? More for your stay – with less hassle required to get it.

That means more value without excluding the creature comforts you wish you could take back home. More destinations to help you check the boxes off your bucket list. More one-of-a-kind experiences in your favorite cities. More choices, not only in the kind of rooms available but in how you’re able to use them.

In our world, there are no one-size-fits-all “business or pleasure” narratives to be found. High-level designs and low-level budgets co-exist. Future locations will feature cozy spaces ideal for sleeping when it’s dark out but capable of transforming into a into a daytime hangout spot at a moment’s notice. After all, you’re far from boring – so why should you be forced to stay at a hotel that is?

become a night

Designed for all, Night Hotels welcome globally-minded guests from all over the world every day. And now is the perfect time to join us. Our portfolio is currently expanding to include destinations both in the United States and abroad. Learn more about our existing locations or opportunities to join our brand today.

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